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Obesity in America

Given that the gluttony of Thanksgiving has just ended, I think it is fitting to address the obesity epidemic in America and its financial impact on our economy.

67% of Americans are Overweight

67% of Americans are Overweight

In 2008, the obesity rate for the United States was 31.3% – the highest in the world by far with the nearest competitor being Mexico at 24.2%.  Obesity is defined by a BMI (body mass index) of 30 or more, which generally equates to being 30 or more pounds overweight.  By 2018 it is estimated that 42.8% of the US population will be obese and that extra weight will cost the economy $344 billion. Obesity related health conditions will make up 21% of total health care spending in 2018, or $1,425 per person every year.  This is a statistic that America does not want to be leading in.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Looks like we all need to go on a run.

The surgeon general’s “Obesity Crisis in America”

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