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Trading can be stressful, but playing a rigged game is worse.  SurlyTrader will explore the hidden game of financial institutions and the government that supports them while providing useful tips on trading strategies, hedging and personal finance.

About SurlyTrader:

SurlyTrader is a portfolio manager at a large financial institution who specializes in trading derivatives.  He has been in the financial services industry for over a decade and would like to share his experience and enthusiasm in the financial markets with those who have a natural curiosity and passion to learn.


Undergraduate Degree in Computer Engineering, Minor in Mathematics
Masters of Business Administration in Finance with an emphasis on Financial Engineering
CFA Charterholder
Global Association of Risk Professionals Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

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  1. Angela says

    l am a bear but the upside is inevitable as the US dollar is in serious trouble.
    Look at the charts on the US dollar and S&P 500 on the same time frame, it’s like a mirror.


  2. Angela says

    Hi Surly Trader

    This upward move on the indices will end badly, the more the government and banking institutions intervene the larger the drop will be.
    Eventually the dollar will bottom out but still has further to go at this time.
    When it bottoms out, watch out below for the indices, this will probably be the steepest ride down we have ever seen. Sept 08 and Feb 09 will be nothing at the side of this next drop. Printing more money is not the answer, they should have let it go in 2003 and started again, today we would have had something to build on but now it’s too late.
    Just my opinion


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