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Noteworthy News – December 20, 2010


Special Report: Is America the sick man of the globe? – Reuters

The disposable academic: Why doing a PhD is often a waste of time – Economist

Is Going to an Elite College Worth the Cost? – New York Times

Payrolls Drop in 28 U.S. States, Joblessness Rises in 21 in Labor Setback – Bloomberg

The U.S. is the Most Overworked Developed Nation in the World – 20 Something Finance


Moody’s slashes Ireland’s credit rating– CNN

US will lose AAA credit rating, says M&G’s Jim Leaviss – Telegraph

The Great Housing Reset Continues – The Atlantic

Will Mortgage Rate Rise Hurt Housing Market? – Wall Street Journal

Global stock market’s big 2010 surprises – Marketwatch


Obama Signs $858 Billion Tax-Cut to Revive Economy – Bloomberg

Behold 2011, the year of sovereign shocks – Economist


Anatomy of Mortgage Fraud, Part I: MERS’s Smoking Gun – Huffington Post

Anatomy of Mortgage Fraud, Part II: The Mother of All Frauds – Huffington Post

Anatomy of Mortgage Fraud, Part III: MERS’S Role in Facilitating the Mother of All Frauds – Huffington Post

Fed proposes rules to slash debit card ‘swipe’ fees – LA Times

Spain’s Banks Will Face More Pain in 2011 as Funding Costs Squeeze Revenue – Bloomberg

Finra Retooling Market Surveillance to Catch Abuses – Bloomberg


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