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The Allure of Silver

Never underestimate a bubble and its ability to maintain momentum.  In less than 9 months we have seen a 170% increase in the price of silver:

As I have shown before, the metal ratios (ratios of other precious metals in terms of gold) collapsed during the financial crisis.  Gold was the darling, but now silver and palladium have stolen the spotlight:


For those of you who would like to hear that the price of silver is going to double from here or even further, I will provide you with a small bit of historic hope.  Back when inflation spiked in early 1980, the ratio of Silver/Gold peaked at 5.9%, nearly double the 3% we are at today.  If you believe that gold will increase, then Silver could do much more than double in price from here.


The ratio of silver to gold averaged 1.5% during the "normal" times between '85-'10

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