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Big Brother

My intention for having this blog is to discuss the markets and the economy.  In broaching those two subjects, it is impossible to ignore government actions and their influence on companies and individuals.  I have no interest in sparking political debates, but I do have an interest in the transparency of government actions.  The most recent news surrounds the founder of WikiLeaks, a hotly debated website that seeks to expose all confidential information in pursuit of full transparency.  The site walks a fine line because I would never suggest that information should be release that could put soldiers or individuals into harms way.  That being said, our freedom of speech is a very important right that should not be taken lightly.

This topic has been brought up because a rather interesting set of events has put the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, on the front pages.  I will not defend any of his actions, but I just want to bring to light what seems rather disturbing.  It has been discussed that the administration has pressured other governments to “consider criminal charges against Julian Assange for his Afghan war leaks“.

If any information has landed into enemy hands that can put innocent soldiers or civilians at risk, then I agree with the decree.  What I do not agree with is the rather fishy rape warrant by Swedish officials which was later canceled.  If the allegations were true, then I have no issue with the warrant, but it seems to be a rather large coincidence in the timing of the warrant along with the withdrawal of the action.  Let us all try to keep everything above board.  The United States is a great nation because of its privilege of freedom, we should strive to keep those freedoms intact.

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