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Big Brother Free to Search your Electronic Documents

If you make the assumption that documents stored on Google are just as private as documents stored on your home computer, you are vastly mistaken.   From the Washington Times:

“What most Americans don’t realize is that if the government wants to read your emails, look at your pictures or gain access to any data that you have stored online for more than 180 days on sites including Yahoo! Google Docs and online backup sites, it can do so without a search warrant. Data saved online is not protected by the Fourth Amendment in the same way that information is protected if it is stored on a home computer, CD or detachable hard drive.”

If this loophole is closed, and electronic data stored at a data warehouse is protected by some measure of law, I still will not use cloud servers to save any important or non-public information.  I think everyone needs to use a bit of prudence in saving their right to privacy.  If you do not want the information to be plastered on the front page of a newspaper, then I suggest that you not save that information anywhere on the internet.

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