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Beanie Babies Vs Bitcoins

The comparison between Bitcoins and Beanie Babies has already been made.  My question to you is how bad do you think it could possible get?

Unfortunately, those who truly believe in Beanie Babies lost a fortune.  In one particular case, the couple lost everything and went bankrupt.



My belief is that the psychology high is infectious.  Part of the lust has to do with rising prices and the allure of becoming rich from the “market”.  I would argue that the bigger part of the lust has to do with the feeling of being part of something bigger.  The once in a lifetime opportunity to be a participant in something massive and historic.

You end up doing nothing in life. You wake up, go to school, go to work, get married, make children, pay for college – then you die. Big deal. What a life.  – Fight Club

This I can say: Beanie Babies were not the answer

This I will say: Bitcoins were not the answer

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