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Noteworthy News – February 9, 2015


Greek debt crisis sharpens, as US jobs report smashes forecasts – The Guardian

The job market is unquestionably improving, and at a nice clip. But wage growth is not heating up – Washington Post

Even as US job market picks up, unemployed face frustration – Associated Press

Piketty Diagnoses Japan’s Sick Economy – Bloomberg

The Uberpreneur: How An Uber Driver Makes $252,000 A Year – Forbes


Central Banks Move to Drive Down Currencies, Yielding Domino Effect – Wall Street Journal

U.S. companies face billions in Venezuela currency losses, Reuters analysis shows – Reuters

Ukraine’s currency just collapsed 50 percent in two days – Washington Post


Greece: Greenspan predicts exit from euro inevitable – BBC

Russia optimistic on Ukraine deal, warns on arming Kiev – Reuters


U.S. Banks Say Soaring Dollar Puts Them at Disadvantage – Wall Street Journal


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Noteworthy News – February 2, 2015


Why college isn’t always worth it – Washington Post

American CEOs Most Bearish on Earnings Since 2008 Crisis – Bloomberg

U.S. economy cools in fourth quarter, but consumer spending shines – Reuters

When Bread Bags Weren’t Funny – Bloomberg


Loose monetary policy has not solved the world’s economic problems – Guardian (Nouriel Roubini)

Eurozone deflation gathers pace in January – BBC

U.S. homeownership hits 20-year low, but new households growing – Reuters


Greece really might leave the euro – Washington Post

Obama Wants a New Tax on U.S. Companies’ Overseas Profits – Bloomberg

How and why retired politicians get lucrative appointments on corporate boards – Washington Post

Putin Fingerprints Seen All Over Surprise Interest-Rate Reversal – Bloomberg



JPMorgan to pay $99.5 mln to resolve currency rigging lawsuit – Reuters

Bailed-out banks set for windfalls as distressed debt markets recover – The Independent



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Noteworthy News – January 26, 2015


2015: The global economy’s ‘sink or swim’ moment – CNN Money

Robert Samuelson: The economy’s Achilles’ heel – Washington Post

The examined life: The OECD’s latest measure of well-being – Economist

Texas, the ‘great American job machine,’ is solely responsible for the +1.2M net US job increase since 2007 – American Enterprise Institute


Euro Slips With U.S. Futures on Greece as Treasuries Gain – Bloomberg

The Strong Dollar Is Always Good, Except When It Isn’t – New York Times

Where do the wealthiest 1% live? – BBC


Euro hits 11-year low as anti-austerity party wins Greek election – Reuters

Grexit déjà vu: is Europe really ready to let its Grecians go? – The Conversation

Why QE in the Eurozone Is a Mistake – Economonitor




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Noteworthy News – January 19, 2015


The Cost Of Living In Every Part Of The World In One Infographic – BusinessInsider

Venezuela car production plunges 72.5 percent in 2014 – Reuters

How We Know Russia’s Economic Crisis Has Officially Arrived – Economist


U.S. forecast: Expect oil to stay cheap for awhile – The Columbian

Prices are Falling in the Eurozone, but is it “Real” Deflation? – Economonitor

Global Energy Stocks Rally; Did Oil Hit Bottom This Week? – Barron’s

The world’s worst idea: taking out a mortgage in a foreign currency – Washington Post


Absolutely everything you need to understand what happened to the Swiss franc this week – Quartz

Russia’s rich double their wealth, but poor were better off in 1990s – The Guardian

Central Banking’s Grand Experiment – Bloomberg

Obama’s budget proposal will take aim at the wealthy – Washington Post


Why J.P. Morgan’s Dimon is wrong about what’s bedeviling banks – MarketWatch


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The Depression’s Unheeded Lessons – New York Times

About A 50/50 Chance A Computer Threatens To Steal Your Job: Paper – Huffington Post

The typical worker makes no more than Dad did in 1979 – MarketWatch


How Falling Oil Prices Will Impact Economy–And The Keystone Pipeline Debate – Forbes How OPEC Weaponized the Price of Oil Against U.S. Drillers – Bloomberg Saudi prince: $100-a-barrel oil ‘never’ again – USA Today


Raise the Gas Tax to Fix America’s Roads – New York Times The Surprising Ways Bankrupt Cities Make Money – Atlantic


Banks Ready Contingency Plans in Case of Greek Eurozone Exit – Wall Street Journal


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